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2 MACONMAGAZINE.COM The Coliseum Robo cs Ins tute was the first to perform single-site hysterectomies in Middle Georgia using the da Vinci robot and leaving one small scar in the navel. The Coliseum Robo cs Ins tute also performs more robo c surgeries than any other facility in the Middle Georgia area. Coliseum Medical Centers has been improving women's lives, like Shauna's, with its experienced physicians and caring staff through all stages of life. Shauna had been living with painful endometriosis for years un l her physician recommended a robo c-assisted hysterectomy to regain her quality of life. She is relieved to once again be doing the things she loves, play- ing with her children and home remodeling projects with her husband. To find out more about the services at Coliseum Medical Centers, call (478) 746-4646. Surgeons at Coliseum Medical Centers offer minimally invasive surgery op ons, allowing faster recovery and healing with less pain and scarring. Coliseum Medical Centers | 350 Hospital Dr.| Macon, GA Robotics

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