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20 42 46 Cover Photo by PennY KojaK 10 l Macon Magazine aPRiL/MaY 2014 Fostering love Retirement plans take a backseat to raising a family Anything is possible Dr. Valerie Rice's inspiring success story Biloxi or bust Take a tour of the Southern Riviera Talking turkey Experienced hunters share insights hunting the elusive bird Mann to Mann combat is married couple fights all the time Shiing into park Movement to make a national park gaining ground Fieen and rocking Bragg Jam celebrates and supports Macon Namaste Y'all Uttanasana is an intense posture Fashionista Keep your cool when dressing professionally Women in business A special section celebrating women who make it work Work Smarter Doing business by the book 20 24 30 34 38 42 46 67 68 70 92 Features

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