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82 l Macon Magazine aPRiL/MaY 2014 ADVERTISING | WOMEN IN BUSINESS WHO INFLUENCED YOU THE MOST TO PURSUE YOUR CAREER GOALS, AND HOW DID THAT PERSON INFLUENCE YOU? My Dad, who was also an attorney, influenced me greatly. He taught me from birth that integrity and honesty are the most important character traits. He also taught me to treat people I meet with respect, no matter what their positions in life may be. WHAT ARE YOUR STRONGEST ASSETS IN YOUR JOB AS AN ATTORNEY? Providing unsurpassed service to my clients is my goal. My practice depends on referrals and satisfied, repeat clients. The ability to communicate with both my clients, other attorneys and jurors is crucial. And good listening skills are the key to a successful litigation practice. Another characteristic that has served me well is tenacity and the ability to never give up. Really, whoever said "it's all in the details" was right on point. WHAT IS THE BEST BUSINESS ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER GIVEN? No matter what you choose to pursue as a career path, be the BEST you can be at whatever you do!! WHAT IS MOST REWARDING ABOUT YOUR JOB? First and foremost, my greatest accomplishment is my children. Being a parent is the most difficult job I have ever undertaken and to see them as successful young adults is by far my greatest achievement. The number of satisfied clients I have served over the last thirty years as an attorney also give me a sense of pride. And I am proud to say that the legal principles and ethics I was taught at Mercer University Law School have served me well and helped me to become the lawyer I am today. 577 Mulberry St. | Macon, GA 31210 | 478.750.9782 Carmel Sanders Attorney at Law HOW DID YOUR CAREER PATH LEAD YOU TO YOUR CURRENT PROFESSION, ESPECIALLY AS A DOULA AND TEACHING YOUR NEW PREGNANCY YOGA CLASSES? After graduating from massage therapy school I knew that I wanted my practice to include one of my passions for working with expectant mothers and babies. Not long after, I became a certified pregnancy massage therapist. I fell in love with my work. I befriended a fellow massage therapist who was also a doula, and I quickly became intrigued with the concept. "Doula" is Greek for "a woman who serves." Another passion to serve others has led me to teaching group and private childbirth education, infant massage therapy and prenatal yoga instruction. I recently added lactation consultant and all about baby classes to my skillset. I am a nonmedical person who assists before, during, and after birth, and I find great value in providing emotional and physical support to the laboring mom. I am so blessed that God has given me this amazing career. I know that the old adage is true: If you do what you love, you will never work another day in your life! WHAT ARE YOUR BIGGEST CHALLENGES? One of my biggest challenges is to educate expecting parents on the choices to make for healthy birthing, as well as, show how beneficial a doula and good childbirth classes really are to birthing. You would never run a marathon without training. Why have a baby with no preparation? WHAT IS MOST REWARDING ABOUT YOUR JOB? Seeing the parents' eyes the first time they hold their baby! WHERE DO YOU ENVISION YOURSELF FIVE YEARS FROM NOW? I hope to continue my massage practice, doula services, and childbirth education, while always gaining more knowledge to share with my clients. 830 Mulberry St. #204 | Macon, GA 31201 | 478.361.8523 Mandy Miller Licensed Massage Therapy & Maternity Services ADVERTISING | WOMEN IN BUSINESS HOW DID YOUR CAREER PATH LEAD YOU TO YOUR CURRENT PROFESSION? I have taken a non-traditional route. When I was 18, I dropped out of college and worked multiple jobs, including six years as a waitress. Eventually, I returned to college, and shortly thereafter, was blessed with my son. As a single mother, I put myself through college and medical school. The responsibility of having a child gave me the fortitude to reach my goals. While in college, my favorite course was advanced human anatomy. My love for anatomy combined with the mystery of the brain and its untapped potential is what led me to the field of Neurology. WHAT ARE YOUR BIGGEST CHALLENGES? The field itself is a challenge. Neurology has disease entities that have no known treatment and usually a poor or unknown prognosis. Neurologists are asked to solve medical puzzles that no one else can decipher. The brain and its capabilities are still being discovered. Additionally, often times we are called upon to deliver news to families that they do not want to hear. The balance of work and family is a challenge, as well. I feel many working women face a similar challenge. I strive to give my best to my patients but always put my family first, which can be difficult. WHO INFLUENCED YOU THE MOST TO PURSUE YOUR CAREER GOALS? My son. He has been the driving force behind my earlier success. I hope I was able to set the example that you truly can achieve your goal if you apply yourself. My husband, Jerome. With his guidance, I was able to find the wonderful opportunity at Coliseum Medical Centers. It is never easy to build a practice from the ground up but with his love and support, I am confident I can provide excellent care to the patients in Macon. WHAT IS MOST REWARDING ABOUT YOUR JOB? My patients. Again, neurology doesn't always have happy endings. I feel blessed every time I can help a family or patient through a difficult matter, even if it is simply just listening or relieving a headache. The trust my patients place in me is heartfelt and something I hold in high regard. WHERE DO YOU ENVISION YOURSELF FIVE YEARS FROM NOW? I envision a thriving practice at Coliseum Medical Centers. A happy family with my son Ian as a college graduate, my daughter Grace at UGA playing volleyball, my husband Jerome coaching a local football team and roots established in this community. I am from Kentucky but Macon has a feel of home to me and my family. 380 Hospital Drive | Building A Suite 370 | Macon, GA 31217 478.330.7200 | Dr. Lori McIntosh HOW DID YOUR CAREER PATH LEAD YOU TO YOUR CURRENT PROFESSION? I earned my degree in Furnishings and Interiors from The University of Georgia, and had an internship with a design firm in London, England. I started my career as an interior designer for a high- end retail chain, then went on to work for several design firms in the Atlanta area. In 2010 I became the design assistant to the Southern Living Idea House Designer. I have gained a wealth of knowledge from each of these experiences. When I moved to Macon in late 2012 the time felt right to focus on growing my own company Couture House Interiors! WHAT ARE YOUR BIGGEST CHALLENGES? I entered the workforce just as the economy and housing market took a turn for the worst. Needless to say, being in the business of creating luxurious interiors in a down economy is quite a challenge! Although I've had the opportunity to work with several clients on larger budgets, I have learned out of necessity to provide an option for more budget friendly design solutions. It's my goal to educate potential clients that hiring me to help them make the right decisions within their budget can prevent them from making costly mistakes! WHAT SETS COUTURE HOUSE INTERIORS APART FROM OTHER DESIGNERS? I pride myself in creating designs that are unique to each clients personal style. I want the space to represent their taste, not mine. I always consider my clients needs and preferences, evaluate the challenges, and offer beautiful yet functional solutions. I believe that my effort to incorporate the clients favorite pieces and treasured objects adds an element that makes each of my designs a unique success. WHAT IS MOST REWARDING ABOUT YOUR JOB? I believe that good design affects human behavior and function, creates mood and impacts efficiency. It's very rewarding to help my clients create a space that effects their lifestyle in such a positive way! 678.614.4324 Andrea Crawford Couture House Interiors

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