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other for the common good of teaching this to our young people. We need to set an example of what is right. What needs to change to encourage continued progress in our city? People need to change their negative mindset about our community. What would be a missed opportunity in Macon? Film! Film in Georgia is huge. We have become the new Los Angeles. A film production studio or a place where filmmakers can do pre- and post-production work would be amazing. We have to take advantage of the boom that is happening in so many counties in Georgia. When you talk about Macon to people who don't live here, what do you tell them? I tell them about the music, of course. Macon was built on music. From Otis to James to Capricorn and the Allman Brothers, what's not to love? I believe that is the only selling tool you need. We have something unique here that no one else has. Let's take advantage of that. What does it mean to be a good leader? To be a team player. Making everyone feel like they are part of the process. Listening to ideas and not completely throwing them away. It's a lot of early mornings and long nights, but in the end, it is all worth it to see your team and organization succeed. What do you consider your greatest achievement? Overseeing and designing merchandise sold in the Otis Redding Museum and the online store. What are three qualities that got you where you are today? Listening to my dad, Timothy Andrews. Listening to my mom, Karla Redding-Andrews. Listening to my granny, Zelma Redding. Tell us about your job, and why you chose your career field. My parents, grandparents and great-grandparents were all entrepreneurs. I guess it's in my blood, but it wasn't my original intention. I went to college at Mercer University to study sociology and psychology with a focus on community development. I wanted to help my community, give back and make a difference. I'm blessed to be able to do what I love while still doing what I can to help my community and the people in it. Tell us about your activities in the community, especially what you're most excited about. I am a former board member for Loaves and Fishes Ministry and current treasurer for the Magnolia Soap Box Derby. I recently served as president of the Downtown Macon Community Association, a group of downtown business owners, nonprofit directors and residents who have an interest in continuing to support Macon's thriving urban core. I currently serve as the vice president for Bragg Jam Inc., a nonprofit KAITLYNN KRESSIN, 27 Business Owner of Just Tap'd, Ocmulgee Brewpub and Fall Line Brewing Company AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2021 | 33

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