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Tourism Education Creative Industries Neighborhood Development Audience Cultivation While Macon is well known in music circles for its musical history, more can be done to promote and build support for Macon's current musical scene. at can be leveraged to attract more visitors to Macon. Nurturing the next generation of diverse talent, creative leaders and audiences starts with education. It is equally important to create arts opportunities for lifelong learners, to develop a pipeline of makers, consumers and patrons of the arts. As the festival capital of Georgia and with burgeoning creative industries, Macon needs to ensure it is an easy place for creatives to start businesses, get support and seek professional development to build a sustainable practice. Macon's neighborhoods are distinct, diverse destinations. To encourage Macon residents to explore beyond their routines, it is essential to remove barriers between neighborhoods. Implementing these goals will require collaboration between government representatives and active residents. Audiences are the lifeblood of arts and culture, and it is crucial to cultivate new and ongoing audiences. Macon recognizes the need to be proactive – by taking cultural programming to audiences. Marketing and promotion are essential to message the value of culture. Brand Macon as a vibrant, innovative and creative destination. Encourage innovation, creative enterprise and entrepreneurship for artists at all career levels. Ensure everyone has access to quality formal and informal arts education. Ensure social equity by helping Macon's many neighborhoods develop their distinctive identities. Increase enjoyment, understanding and public value of culture in order to cultivate greater appreciation and support.

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