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"I'M FROM SAUDI ARABIA. I was raised in Canada, then came to United States for university. What basically gives you hope is to see that you're not living alone in this world, whatever happens. And you hear a lot of the pressure all around the world (in the news) almost every hour. ... But what gives me hope is that we come from the same roots, as humans. For me, I'm a simple man. I like anything. ... I create fun out of nothing to remind myself that … simple is nice. That's what gives me hope. It's because, most of the things in life are the wants, not needs. The needs are just the things that you need to survive. Like, you need to eat, you need to sleep. But, I want to have fun. I'll do anything to enjoy the moment. I try to create fun from whatever I'm doing. ... I feel that, that's what makes me happy. The thing that made me realize that I should live with no regret is time. Time doesn't stop for anybody ... it just goes. Time is the most important element I see in this life. It's more important than money or health. Time always progress- es. It doesn't stop. So, everything you do, now, it's gon- na be history tomorrow. It's just timing. And, if people thought the same way ... if people thought of time as the most important element ... you'll see every- thing more perfectly. Although, nothing's perfect. We have to work for it. The sky doesn't rain gold. I believe that there's destiny. You have to work for whatever you want to do. But destiny, you've got to get tied with destiny, and you've got to believe. If you stop, take a deep breath, as- sess for three seconds, you'll know what to do." — AZZAM See full stories at: " e Maconites tell our story. is project originally was funded by e Downtown Challenge Fund of the Community Foundation of Central Georgia, created to implement the Macon Action Plan. To read the Macon Action Plan, visit ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN 2017 88 | OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2020

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